Employment advancement of Business Administration

Employment advancement of Business Administration programs graduates

Graduates from business administration program of MUST are employed and contributing to development of Mongolia through private as well as public sector in different industries such as banking, retail, manufacturing, logistics, and etc.  According to Alumni satisfaction survey  results in which 260 respondents defined their position, 12.7% are entry level performers, 35.4% are middle level performers, 21.2 %  are high level performers, 13.8% are middle level managers, 4.2% high level managers, and 2.3% have investor or owner position.

Graduates position Number Percent ,%
Investor/owner 6 2.3%
High level managers (directing entire organization) 11 4.2%
Middle level manager (directing branch, office or department) 36 13.8%
High level performer 55 21.2%
Middle level performer 92 35.4%
Entry level performer 33 12.7%
Other 27 10.4%
Total 260 100%

Employment advancement according to graduation years indicates steady career growth as  61.1% of graduates of 2013 and further were employed as entry and middle level performers,   67.4% of graduates of 2007-2012 years were employed as middle and high level performers, 50% of graduates before  2006 are middle and high level managers. Furthermore in 2021 alumni survey  59% of respondents defined their career advancement as “generally successful”, and 15% as “very successful”.