Research and training center


Mission statement

To promote  he development of Small and Medium sized enterprises(SMEs) through  research,  training and   business incubation activities; 


  • To support development of SMEs by organizing training, consulting and building   information  systems based on  research results;

  • To nurture SMEs through providing business incubation activities;

  • To support the improvement of  cooperation and linkages between  SMEs and  Large firms;

  • To evolve into a National  Center;


  • To promote Government policy and activities regarding development of SMEs 

  • To conduct researches in such areas as problems of the national economy and business environment, entreprenuership, employment, business and SMEs development, competitiveness of national economy and industry, productivity, quality and standardization, production/operations and technology management, transfer technology and technology assessment, business technology incubation;

  • To organize training courses for entreprenuers;

  • To create SMEs  research information systems

  • To support cooperation between government, non-government,  education, research and business organizations;

  • To provide SMEs business consulting services;

  • To conduct research on technology transfer and to carry out  technology assessments;

  • To support business activity of students and organize student’s business incubator;

  • To develop cooperation with foreign organizations and institutions;

Modular Training Programs:

Module 1.   Small Business Management and  

                      Organizational Restructuring;

Module 2.   Productivity and Quality Management;

Module 3.   Human Resource Management, Labor


Module 4.   Production, Operations, Service and 

                       Technology Management;

Module 5.   Accounting, Financial Management;

Module 6.   Market Research, Marketing 


Module 7.   Business Plan, Project Management

Module 8.   Information Technology;

  • Module 9.   Labor and Business Law.

Cooperation organizations:

  1. Ministry of Industry and Trade

  2. Ministry of Labour and Social Security 

  3. Ministry of Finance and Economy

  4. Ministry of Education Culture and Science

  5. Capital city Governance Office

  6. Mongolian National University

  7. Mongolian Agricultural University

  8. Institute of Finance and Economy

  9. Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  1. National Productivity Development Center

  2. Mongolian Employer’s Federation 

  3. Mongolian Self Employer’s Federation 

  4. Sustainable  Development Agency

  5. UNDP

  6.  JICA

  7. World Vision

  8. Gobi Development Initiative 

  9. Mongolian Association of Sewing Manufacturers

  10. Mongolian Association of Wool and Cashmere Manufacturers

  1. Mongolian Association of Fur and Leather  Manufacturers

  1.  Monos Group

  1. Mongol Shuudan Co.Ltd


L. Oyuntsetseg, Sc.D., prof.

Tel:  453380, 450167,  99165175

Fax: 976-11-458151