Research activities

Department of Technology management 

  • Issues of small and medium business development;

  • Innovation management development; 

  • Industrial Competitiveness and Productivity Survey;

  • Technology management, development management, technology transfer, technology level assessment; 

  • Logistics and supply chain management; 

  • Industrial Park, Technology and Business Incubation Development;

  • Quality management, standardization and quality assurance; 

  • Communications sector development; 

  • Tourism and service sector development issues;

Department of Business administration 

  • Organizational salary and bonus survey 

  • Develop an organizational strategic plan

  • Organizational information system 

  • Marketing research

  • Financial research 

  • Asset evaluation 

Department of Humanities 

  • External and internal migration;

  • Cultural freedom 

  • Archaeological and ethnographic rescue excavations;

  • Religion studies;

Department of Social Sciences 

  • Political science;

  • Children and families

  • Policy research 

  • Public administration 

  • Social philosophy

  • Psychology 

  • Social protection 

  • Gender Studies 

  • Education management