School Profile

Our school with more than half century history is a research and educational institute with over 20 study programs in branches such as business administration, social work, public administration and humanities at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels of study. We consider that the result of our academic community's never-ending effort is our graduates that are successful and well-known in many emerging sectors such as social, economic, industrial, sciences and technogical of our country .
MUST is one of the leading university of Mongolia and is implementing changes and transforming successfully in tertiary educational sector. We have partnership with more than 180 universities and research institutes abroad. 
Study programs of our school have been internationally accredited by ACBSP and 3 programs are in Asia TOP200. We are also proud of our success of being nominated six times in a world TOP1000 in business and management fields. 
The main goal of our school's academic community is to provide our students modern higher educational services to help them to gain status in society and to achieve their goals through quality improvement of education we provide by strengthening communication of education, research and industry.