Information Communication Technology Management

Introduction to the major in ICT management 


The mission of the team Information communication technology management is to provide excellence in ICT education through quality teaching, research and community service. It aims to meet the demands for professionals with advanced technologies to serve management across the countries. To provide students with broad and coherent knowledge and skills that fully meets the requirements of the labor market and business organizations. 

ICT Management and Economics Team was established in 2005, since 2000 enrolled ICT Management at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology and it has completed 15 graduations and more than 260 undergraduates. In 2014 our team united at the School of Business Administration and Humanities and 25-35 students have been enrolled annually.   Since its foundation in 2000, our team has always focused on training leaders who, by acting responsibly and reasonably, will use their knowledge and prepare specialists capable of organizing operation and servicing of ICT sector and its management planning.

Our graduates will be highly qualified with a background in law management and business, foreign languages, computer and socio-economics and obtain ability to provide theoretical and practical unity and to manage communities and develop creative problem-solving and effective decision-making skills. Moreover, to obtain knowledge of using professional literature, articles, and technical documentation and project development and following skills will be provided: 

  • To manage the activities of all levels of telecommunication fields; 

  • To design and implement of ICT projects;

  • Develop marketing plans; 

  • To conduct research and develop the organization's HR planning and job evaluation, and develop labor and compensation calculations;

  • To collect required quantitative data and analyze;

  • To provide planning, analyzing and managing financial activities of the enterprise;

  • Effective team working communication skills;

  • Introduce business models fits with international standards.

In according to curriculum provides basic science, vocational and specialization courses are fully studied with technology of teaching.  To organize use and service of ICT organizations of local, city and urban areas and obtain problem-solving and effective decision-making skills and leadership skills. 


  • Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia;  

  • Communications and Information Technology Authority;

  • TeleCom Mongolia; 

  • MobiCom LLC;

  • Sky Tel LLC; 

  • Unitel LLC;

  • G mobile LLC; 

  • Communication and Network state owned company;

  • Mongolian Post company; 

  • DHL company; 

  • Others. 

Foreign cooperation 

Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics 

Graduate jobs for the students:  economist, sales, marketing, production and human resources manager for ICT organizations.

It includes senior officials and specialists in government and non-governmental information and telecommunication organizations, economist, business and market researcher, marketing manager, human resources manager, project manager, operators, entertainment business manager, operations manager, service organization manager and organizer in telecommunication business organization.

  • Managing organizations: Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia, Communications and Information Technology Authority 

  • Fixed line operator company: Communication and Network state owned company, Mongolian Telecommunications, Railway Telecommunications, Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia 

  • Cellular company: MobiCom LLC, Sky Tel LLC, Unitel LLC, G mobile LLC 

  • Post:  Mongol post, DHL, Tugeemel post 

  • Internet service providers: GemNet, Mobinet, MCScom, SkyNetworks, Univision, SkyC&C, Ulusnet, Telemax, Citinet, MagicNet, Micom, Incomnet, ErdemNet, Ajax, Sansar 

  • Cable TV: Sansar, Supervision, Univision 

  • Television: MNB, UBS, MN25, ТВ9, ТВ5, SBN, TM etc …

  • Banks and finance organizations: Golomt bank, Khaan bank, Trade and Development Bank


Student volunteer clubs: “Erdmiin Inder”, “High tech” that provide volunteering opportunities for the students 


ICT management team’s  lecturers 

Name of Lecturer 




B. Tsetsgee 

Dr.Sc, ass.professor 



M. Burmaa 


Senior lecturer 


G. Munkhdorj




Ts. Munkhsukh 




B. Enkhjargal




B. Altansuvd 




Research field of team

  • Influence of ICT on social and economic development of the country

  • Economics theory and concepts based on informed society and knowledge 

  • Research and planning of information and telecommunication networks and services

  • Economic and Investment Benefits of the ICT sector and management issues 

  • Strategic research of ICT development 

  • Research and planning for supply and demand for ICT professionals

  • Theory and methodology of e-business, e-commerce, and mobile e-business

  • Network optimizations of the post 

  • Theory and methodology of Smart city, E governance 


Activities of team: 

  • To provide course of Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degree in ICT Management;

  • To conduct short-term modular courses;

  • To conduct scientific research;

  • To provide management, marketing consulting, and execute business contract.