Team of professors from Political Science and Public Relations from the school of Social Technology, group of professors from Social Work, and team of professors from Management from the school of Computer Science and Management joined together and established the School of Social Sciences in 2014. Our mission is to become one of the leading schools and a strong competitor nationwide in the field of basic and applied social sciences such as political science, psychology, sociology, and law, as well as in social protection, public administration, public relations training, and research.
The School of Social Sciences has a total of 292 students, 23 teachers, 1 assistant and 1 training master in three professional programs. 61.9% of the total teaching staff have academic degrees, including 1 professor, 6 associate professors, and 13 doctoral (PhD) teachers. In addition, about 40 percent of teachers have studied in Korea, Russia, Bulgaria, Japan, and Australia for their academic degrees.
There is the ‘Caritas Information Center’ for the Social Work Program at the school of Social Sciences. Also we have a library which is open for students from all universities studying in Social Work Program in Mongolia. In addition, the “Psychology Center” was established in 2015 with the help of psychology teachers in the field, and a psychological diagnostics and training research laboratory is open.

Co-operation with foreign universities: 
School of Social Sciences has cooperation agreements with a number of foreign universities in the field of vocational training and research. Some of them are:
School of Social Welfare, University at Albany, New York, USA
School of Social Welfare, Soongsil University, Korea
Sookmyung Women's University, Korea
School of Mongol Studies, Inner Mongolia University, China
Soonchunhyang University of Korea
Pyeongtaek University, Korea
Chosun University in Korea.

According to this cooperation agreement, undergraduate students studying in professional programs in the social sciences field are conducting internships at Chosun University and Songdo Group of the Republic of Korea. Therefore, more than 50 students have been enrolled in this program during the last three years.