Specialization International Business Management

A specialist will gain knowledge about international business environment and culture to expand market and manage a company at global levels efficiently.


Advantages and specifics of International Business Management Specialization:

This major does not belong to any single department. Specialized courses are offered from different departments such as Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Finance Management and Social Sciences.

Highly adaptable: Study of Career development in Business Administration shows that SKILLED INTERNATIONAL MANAGER is able to promoted to be TOP MANAGEMENT in 5-10 years. 

Graduates are able to work with their specialization in micro and macro level such as in Enterprise Management Level, Government, Ministries and Agencies. 

We provide with highly skilled faculty, specialized program, up to date facility and study materials. This specialization is likely to appeal to anyone who want to work in international area. 


Knowledge to gain:                                                                                                                          

Basic knowledge about International business management  

Modern trends and development of International business management 

Knowledge about international financial market 

Language skills


Skills to be developed:

Well qualified in International culture, international management

Adaptability skill and change management skill

Skills Needed for Effective International Marketing

Skills Needed for Effective international HR

Ability to work in international financial and stock market


Specialized courses:

Investment management

International Communication

International Relations 

International economics, business environment

International Law

International Culture

Export, Import Management

Product Service Management

International Business Management

International Marketing


Graduates career opportunities:

International Trade Manager

International Market Manager

International Market Analyst

International Financial Consultant

Investment Manager

International Relations Manager and more


Successes of our graduates

U.Gerelmaa, CEO of Landex LLC, Asia-Pacific Regional Best Woman Entrepreneur 

B.Angarag, CEO of “BOSA Impex” LLC

J.Enkhtur, CEO of “Gangar Invest” LLC

M.Tumurbat, Analyst at Microsoft in USA 

U.Erdenejargal, Chief of Corporate Clients Unit at Mongol Post Bank