Specialization Management of Information System

A specialist will gain knowledge from both Business Administration and Information Technology fields and skills of processing enterprise information, designing and building information systems. 


Knowledge to gain:

Foundation of Information Technology 

Designing and building Information Systems, IS development skills 

E-Business, E-Commerce, Foundation of online services 

Information Technology Project Development 

Business process, design, programming skills 

Data, big data processing skills 


Skills to be developed:

Data analysis, processing 

Planning, developing and improving Information System

Business analysis 

Analytics, Problem solving 

Information Technology Project Development


Research and analysis


Specialized courses:

Algorithm and Programming Technology 

Business Information System 

System analysis and design 


Information System Strategy and Management 

Business Process Management

Data Warehouse and Data mining 

IT Project Management 


Graduates career opportunities:

Information System Manager 

IT Product Development Manager 

Enterprise Architecture Specialist

IT Project Manager

Information System analyst 

Specialist in Information Technology 

Specialist in Information Security 

Specialist in online services 

Entrepreneurs in e-commerce

Information system developer and more


Successes of our students:

2009 MIS-4th grade students - 3rd place in PAN ASIAN Online Retail Business Competition in Taiwan 

2010 E.Jugdernamjil, G.Bolorchimeg, D.Byambajargal, E.Uyanga - 1st place in "Erdmiin shuvuu" students' research conference  

2010 D.Munkh-Orgil - MUST Rector's Scholarship and Credit Rewards 

2011 - B.Gereltuya, D.Unurkhishig - 4th place in "Erdmiin shuvuu" students' research conference

2011 B.Byambajargal - 4th place in "Erdmiin shuvuu" students' research conference

2012 N.Naranbaatar - 1st place International Business project competition Global TIC in Biotechnology field

2013 N.Nyamtsetseg - 3rd place in "Erdmiin shuvuu" students' research conference