The Department of Humanities was established in 2014 under uniting of few professors’ teams, tourism, philosophy, political science and cultural study of School of Social Technology. A Head of the Department is Associate professor (Ph.D.) Ts. Battseren.  There are very honored elder professors, as Honored teacher of Mongolia (Ph.D., associate professor Sh. Luvsandorj, professor, Ph.D. A. Enkhbaatar, doctor Ph.D.  D.Ganbold, I. Lhagvasuren, Ph.D., professor N. Galiimaa, Ph.D., associate professor B. Purevsuren, D. Serdaram, U. Boldbaatar, D. Narantsatsral, L. Erdenebold, senior lecturers Ph.D., O. Bolormaa, G. Naran-oyun, D. Khatanbaatar, M. Javzansuren, A. Ariunbold, Ts. Byamba-Ochir senior lecturers S. Bolormaa, Ch. Vanchigdash, B. Munkhnasan, B. Naranbaatar lecturers G. Munk-erdene, S. Bat-erdene, assistants G. Ariunbold and B. Binderya.  There are 19 Ph.D. in the Department and 3 of them studied in Russian, 2 in South Korean, 1 in Chinese famous graduate Schools and successfully did their dissertation. Young lecturer G. Munk-erdene did his Master degree on Anthropology in Australia in 2020.  There are senior lecturer E. Enkhtsolmon Germans, assistants D. Ochirpurev and I. Saruul studying in Turkish graduate schools.

17 people or 70 percent of the Department’s staff have Ph.D. degree, while 9 people or 39 percent have an academic title as professor and associate professor.  2 professors of the Department awarded highest prize of MUST of a year.  Professor N. Galiimaa was awarded “Best Leading junior lecturer” of the MUST in 1995. D.Serdaram was awarded “Best creative lecturer “of the MUST in 2017. 27 international, national and inter universities scientific conference and seminars, that “Монголия, Бурятия ,Тыва и Иркутская область: развитие, взаймодействие и вызовы внутри и вокруг Байгальского региона”, “Развивающийся университет в меняющимся обществе” had been initiated and organized by collective of the Department and entered 12 international and national projects such as “Система высшего образования в социальной развитии Централной Азии”,  “Monitoring and Evaluation on National Program for health and social security of senior citizens “, “Ministry of Labor and Social Security ”. 72 archaeological sites exploited by request of entrepreneurs and more 38 CRM done by archaeologists of the Department.    24 monographs, 22 textbooks and handbooks and 12 proceedings of papers and articles were writing created by collectives in the last 20 years.