The goal of the technology management department is to become a national leader in technology, innovation management, SMEs management, entrepreneurship research, and training. The department has a total of about 200 students and 25 teachers and 1 assistant. 48% of all teachers have academic degrees, including 2 Doctor of Science (Sc.D), 10 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), 1 professor and 3 associate professors. In addition, more than 30 percent of teachers have graduated from Russia, Japan, Korea, and India.

Professors and lecturers of the department have been successfully conducting research and analysis commissioned by government and business organizations. In recent years, teachers have participated in projects and contracts commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. Including “Study on the current situation of the UB service sector, development of the “Utility Services 2020” program”, “Development of the UB innovation sub-program - 2021” project commissioned by the UB Industry and Innovation Agency.

The “Small and Medium Enterprise Research and Training Center”, the student “Altangadas Club” and the “Young Traveler Club” are active in the department, activating the cooperation of teachers and students and supporting their research work.

Bachelor's and Master's degrees

  • Information Communication Technology Management (Bachelor and Master of Business Administration)

  • Light Industry Management (Bachelor and Master of Business Administration)

  • Small and Medium Enterprise Management (Bachelor and Master of Business Administration)

  • Tourism Management (Bachelor's and Master's in Business Administration)