Tourism Management


The School of Business Administration and Humanities of Mongolian University of Science and Technology has successfully trained Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in Tourism Management since 2003. The program was accredited by Mongolian National Council for Education Accreditation in 2015. The students in this program will acquire the knowledge and skills to manage business activities and services of the tourism and hospitality industry. The program provides students with a one-year internship at hotel companies in Japan as well as professional English courses. Graduates will work at in the government and non-governmental organizations related to tourism, tour operators, tour agents, hotels, restaurants, marketing and service business organizations.

Lecturers of tourism management professional courses:

Associate Professor, Ph.D. Amartuvshin, L.

Professor, Ph.D. Galiimaa, N.

Senior lecturer Altankhuyag, B.

Lecturer Baasangerel, J.

Lecturer Enkhtuul, Ts.

Lecturer Bulgamaa, G.


Total graduates:

Between 2007 and 2018, our school produced over 300 graduates in Tourism Management and these graduates have been working successfully in the tourism and hospitality industry, and business sectors.