Light Industry Management

Introduction to the major in Light industry management

In according with the main direction of Mongolian industrial development, since 1998 the department has conducted program of “Light Industry management, completed the 16 times graduation, graduates over 450 undergraduate’s students. 

Course features and advantages:

  • This course will provide students with an integrated knowledge of industrial technology, economics and management.

  • We introduce not only subjects of light industrial technology but also management subjects for examples of light industrial sector.

  • In syllabus there are many new trend subjects such as, entrepreneurship, start-up business, innovation, e-business, and value engineering. 

  • Students will be prepared by practical experiences in sector industries’ based on cooperation contract with them. As well as, students will participate projects proposed by industries.  

  • Students will participate many professional competitions, such as, National Management, Economics and Statistics Olympiad, Marketing day and professional conferences. 

  • Students will be provided knowledge about work design, productivity, quality management and inventory management. And also students will be expected to have skills to write improvement plan and programs for any kind of problems.          


Work in the field of textile, carpet, printing, wood, tanning and apparel product manufacturing in light Industry branch and in other production and service organizations the following areas:

  • Production and operations manager 

  • Quality manager 

  • Industry finance-economics 

  • Human resources manager

  • Marketing Manager 

  • Technology manager 

  • Product development manager 

  • Materials procurement manager