Specialization Human Resource Management

We prepare specialists with managerial, decision making and organizational skills who is able manage a team or a unit under the functional management and is able to implement human resource management and related researches and analysis in entities of all forms of ownership.


Advantages and Specifics of HRM Specialization 

We have 24 years of experience in preparing HRM specialist. 

We have published and have been using key textbooks of HRM. 

Students will be trained on Green HRM ERP system which is widely used in Mongolian enterprises. 

1 Honored Economist of Mongolia, 1 Honored Teacher of Mongolia, 2 professors, 1 Science Doctor, 4 lecturers with Ph.D. degree, 8 lecturers with Master degree and 2 Accredited Management Consultants are working in the team.


Knowledge to gain:

Accurate knowledge of business philosophy and company's business process 

Scientific basic knowledge of HRM 

Fundamental knowledge of business communication 

Theoretical knowledge of managerial psychology 

Knowledge of entering into labor relations, labor contract and writing standards of official documents 


Skills to be developed:

Analyzing, decision-making, summarizing and reporting the facing problems and challenges in the company, use of theoretical knowledge in practice

HR planning for the related departments

Effective use of recruitment sources in different situation 

Planning, organizing and evaluating all types of training, events, workshops, conferences and other learning activities


Specialized courses

Human Resource Management 

Organizational Behavior 

Managing organizational structure and culture

Change management in organization

Project Management 

Managerial psychology 

Labor law

English for Special purpose


Graduates career opportunities:

HR specialist, manager 

HR analyst, Labor market researcher 

Project Manager

Labor relations manager 

Organizational psychologist 

Researcher and more


Successes of our graduates

2003, 2005, 2015 - First place, 2007, 2012 - Second place in “Erdmiin shuvuu” students' research conference

2002, 2008, 2009 First place, 2006, 2008 Second place in "Evrica" Research Conference

2008, 2011 First place, 2010, 2011 Second place, 2013, 2014, 2015 Third place in "National Management Olympiad"

2009, 2011, 2014, 2016 First place, 2011, 2012, 2013 Second place, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015 Third place "Human Resource Management Olympiad"


Projects executed by the faculty

1997 "Training policy and strategy of government agencies" International project, Stockholm, Sweden

2002-2004 "Research on ethics of civil servants", "Decentralization of Mongolia and Strengthening of local governance capacities" collaborated project I, II. Government of Mongolia, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)

2001 "Preparing international freight forwarder specialist in Mongolia" project. Technical University of Mongolia

2004 "Designing new type of transport vehicle". Professor Kubo, University of Tottoro, Japan

2007 "Improving Transport Logistics Management of Material Impex LLC" project

2007 "Productivity and Efficiency of transportation. Transport department of Erdenet Mining Corporation. Science and Technology Fund 

2008 "Reform on employee compensation system for Mongolian-Russian joint venture Ulaanbaatar railway". Ulaanbaatar railway JSC

2008 "Study on freight turnover, transportation flow and logistics in Mongolia". Science and Technology Fund.

2009 “Historical study on Mongolian management thinking” Science Academy.

2009 "Civil Servants Training". GTZ, Development initiative NGO.

2009 "Managing local budget revenue distribution". Open Society Forum

2010 "Reform on employee compensation system for Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia.

2010 "Government Procurement Activity". World Bank.

2018 “Adoption of set of ISO-30400 HR standards into Mongolian National standard". Moncerf, Monos Group


Student development and service

Preparing students for Management and HRM Olympiads

Developing collaboration between employers and students, "Aldangadas" Club which strengthen employment guidance for graduates  

“Erdmiin shuvuu” research conference among the students majors in economy and management.

Basic research of HRM practitioners and managers.

Developing HR policy and strategy and providing advices and guidance

Complex business analysis and diagnosis, management audit 

Organizational structure, functional analysis

Training and consulting for set of HRs standards /MNS, ISO-30400/

Organizational culture analysis

Salary analysis.

HRM process improvement.

Calculating cost and ROI of human capital, measuring and evaluating HRM performance