The MUST has relationship and cooperation agreements with more than 130 universities in 21 countries including Germany, Japan, Korea and China, and offers joint bachelor's (2 + 2) and master's (1 + 1) programs with more than 10 universities.
On average, 300-400 professors and teachers upgrade their skills abroad annually in order to conduct training, research and research, participate in exhibitions and contests within and within the framework of schools that cooperate with international projects, programs and cooperation. Every year, more than 20 faculty members enroll in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. For the last three years, 7 teachers from China have been teaching Chinese language, 6 teachers from the United States in English language and linguistics, 8 teachers and field researchers from Japan, 5 teachers from Germany in English, quality management and Korean language. 22 teachers have been working in the field of Informatics and Nutrition for a period of 6 months to 1 year, respectively.
20-30 foreign students are enrolled each year in long-term and short-term courses under the Student Exchange Program (IAESTE) and government scholarships and inter-school agreements.
Since September 2014, an agreement between the Government of Japan and Mongolia has implemented the `` Higher Education in Engineering and Technology '' project, which for 9 years will provide 1000 students with a degree in Japanese universities in the field of architecture, power engineering and mechanical engineering.
Every year  40-45 students of MUST are awarded scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students by organizations such as the Japan Mitsubishi Corporation, the MUST-Toyota Foundation, the Korean POSCO TJ PARK Foundation, and the Japan Sumitomo Corporation. In addition to the Rector's Scholarship and Credit Rewards, students are offered scholarships and scholarships as well as concessional loans and scholarships to outstanding students in research, art, or sports.  The agreement between the two countries also organizes the activities of providing scholarships and living expenses to students.
In addition to international conferences such as IFOST and MUSTAK, the MUST also regularly hosts international scientific conferences and seminars in collaboration with international organizations and external universities in order to publicize the research work of the faculty, faculty, researchers and students of the MUST and discuss the results are being established.
As of 2014, MUST students have been  successfully carrying out production and introductory internships at Incheon University of China, Nagoya University of Japan, Siberian Geodesy Academy of Russia, and Irkutsk State University of Natural Economy and Law.